20 June 2012

Passions Our Summer Days mix

George Lucas looking suave in the background.

This is the most summery thing ever. Posted Passions' Rooftop Sunsets mix before, this one has Flight Facilities, The Magician, Gigamesh, Metronomy, Mark Ronson, Aeroplane, Breakbot etc etc. Swoon.

If you can't see the box above, click here.

Gypsy and the Cat - The Piper's Song (Aeroplane Remix)
Gene Dunlap - There's Talk
Mitzi - All I Heard (Cassian Remix)
The Magician - I Don't Know What to Do
Joe Goddard - Gabriel
Runaway - Indoor Pool (Slow Hands Half Full Remix)
Monkey Safari - Son
Honom - Bedcat
Metronomy - The Bay
Drop Out Orchestra - Baby Come Home (Sit on My Ritz) Dub
Breakbot - Fantasy
Surface - Falling in Love
Monkey Safari feat. Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
Joakim - Find a Way (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Aggro Santos - Saint or Sinner (Tonka's Holy House Instrumental Mix)
Cassius - The Sound of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)
Housse De Racket - Roman (Oliver Remix)
Nist, Elijah Collins - Love's Down
Friendly Fires & Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris (Aeroplane Bootleg)
Kamp! - Cairo (Moullinex Remix)
Dr Don Don - King of the Stars
Flight Facilities feat. Jess Higgs - Foreign Language
Gigamesh feat. Nicole Godiva - People
Mark Ronson - Record Collection (Perseus Karaoke Mix)
Aeroplane - Big Boys Don't Cry
Neighbour - Summertime Girls
FIFTEENTH - Tomorrow


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  1. getting into some of your back catalogue (that kinda sounds dirty!!) and I'm really like this one!